1 Aesthrix Star Aesthetic Beauty Clinic – Luxx Medical Aesthetics

Luxx Medical Aesthetics- 2022


✓ Verified 1-Aesthrix Star (Aesthetic Beauty Clinic) for the year 2022

The above clinic provides non-surgical, laser, minimally invasive procedures under local anesthesia performed by a RN. The clinic also provides beauty treatments performed by a certified aesthetician. Read more about the STARS.

luxx medical aesthetics

The Symbol of Trust, The Mark of Excellence.

Quality service, worth a go.

2 Stars
Excellent service, worth a detour.

Exceptional service, worth a special trip

✓ This page verifies that the above clinic has achieved its 1-Aesthrix Star in the Aesthetic Beauty Clinic Category. Achieving the 1-Star award in the Beauty Clinic category means that the clinic has:

  • Met the high standards of quality in the aesthetic beauty award category
  • It gives re-assurance and confidence to the customer.                                                        
  • Shown good commitment to their patients (satisfaction and care)
  • Commitment to raising the standards of Aesthetic practice and engaging in regular training.

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