About Aesthrix

Aesthrix is a virtual platform where you can find everything you want and need to know in the aesthetic and wellness aspect. 

  1. Find trusted doctors – Listed doctors are largely ECAMS certified who have gone through proper training and assessment before attaining their certification. 
  2. Locate a star-rated clinic/products/devices. These clinics, products and devices have gone through a rigorous process of strict scrutiny,  interview, and meticulous check before attaining their Aesthrix star-ratings.
  3. Speak to clinic coordination for the best and unbiased advice – Our virtual clinic coordinator is there to help you to answer any queries you may have. Just like contacting a clinic, sometimes it could be nerve-racking especially when they do not have the time to answer every call. It is no secret that every clinic you reach out to has a hidden agenda of converting you into their customer. Therefore, the Aesthrix coordinator is independent and will only direct you to the right help you need.
  4. Reading lounge and TV room – for everyone who wants to learn more about aesthetic procedures, beauty, and wellness tips from our doctors.
  5. Shopping mall and exhibition hall – shop online for the best products that have been tested and proven to work. 

Overcoming inaccuracy & misinformation – digitalization and globalization in today’s world have brought forth an overabundance of news and information all over the internet and word of mouth especially for a patient who is looking or requiring aesthetic treatments. This makes decisions very difficult and tough. Thus, the very existence of Aesthrix. To help patients connect to only the best doctors and clinics in the aesthetic field regardless of their geographical location. 

The birth and evolution – Plastic surgery goes way back into the 16th century and has evolved from correcting ‘featural imperfection’ to featural enhancement which is known today as cosmetic surgery. To date, the cosmetic industry is one of the fastest-growing industry valued at US$52.5 billion and is anticipated to grow even more despite the economic downturn.

Difficulties & confusion – To stay afloat in stiff competition and keep up with the rapid boom, the aesthetic industry have commercialized and lead to a few countries setting tight guideline what can be advertised and what is not allowed (especially in Asia), but many countries the guidelines are still very lost. This lead to many medical providers has to invest in a huge budget and be creative in their social media presence in order to stand out from the crowds.

In addition, the aesthetic procedure has crossed over into multi-disciplinary. To name a few, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, ENT, maxillofacial surgeon, gynecologist, general surgeon, general practitioner, A&E doctor, nurse or beautician (in some countries), or any general medical doctor (without a specialty). As aesthetic is not formally classified as specialized training in the medical field,  industry providers that provide aesthetic procedures will call themselves an aesthetic doctor and/or aesthetic surgeon or cosmetic doctor or cosmetic surgeon that has stirred up even more confusion. With that, the creation of various societies and associations from different specialties have come together. Seeking to bring these medical providers together, as well as helping them through marketing efforts, so that patients can look out for doctors from the various organizations. It is no surprise that patients today are confused about who they should trust and seek help from the right doctors. 

Setting the Bar – This led to the birth of ECAMS in 2008, identifying the lack of quality standards in the industry. Provider of accredited aesthetic doctor training and certification, benchmarked against the highest level of professional accreditation in the field. Through proper training and rigor, designed for all doctors at all levels in the field. Attaining their professional development in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery and being able to keep up to date with the latest and safest techniques whilst meeting the demands of their patients. The ability to give patients the outcome safely they deserve was the main driving force to provide all doctors with quality training opportunities. To date, more than 1500 doctors around the globe have been certified by ECAMS.

Raising the bar of quality- Accreditation is not a one-off but a continuous process where all listed doctors, as well as clinic/product/device, have to go through on a yearly basis. This is to ensure that standards are kept in check whilst we constantly work to raise the bar in the aesthetic field for the best of all patients.