A star-rated center of excellence for clinics

If you think you have what it takes to be the best-in-class, now is your time to shine!

Aesthrix Star is the coveted accolade in the aesthetic industry

This is not the time to be complacent!

As competition gets stiffer, patients are the main decision-makers. Based on their choice, opting for the highest quality of service, efficiency, and quality care and satisfaction.

Aesthrix star-rated center of excellence exists to promote and provide a gateway for all aesthetic clinics to aspire and reach their highest level of excellence. Aesthrix is responsible for identifying and recognizing the best-in-class clinics in the aesthetic and wellness industry across the globe. 

Aesthrix offers star-rated clinics with business and education opportunities and collaboration among members while supporting each other. It allows clinics to attain and maintain the highest level of quality standards that benefits both clinics and patients. Improving business strategy that drives growth while optimising business efficiencies. Moreover, it provides clinics a platform to broaden their horizons with new local and international business opportunities and gain a competitive edge that differentiates.

As a star-rated clinic, Aesthrix promotes every clinic to patients locally and internationally. Instilling confidence and trust in patients while deciding on their preferred clinic. 

Star-rated Clinics

Aesthrix star-rated clinics are aesthetic and wellness clinics that have met the highest standards of excellence. Service quality, trust, and patient centricity. 

These clinics have gone through a tough and rigorous process of strict scrutiny, interviews, and meticulous checks by a recognized body in order to finally attain their star-ratings. 

Why apply for Aesthrix accreditation?

  • Worldwide recognition. The Aesthrix Accreditation broadens your target market and raises not only your local profile but international profile as well. 
  • Top most quality doctors. Clinics accredited with the Aesthrix Star are recognized for succeeding at the highest level. Their doctors or surgeons must be of the best-in-class.
  • Build confidence and trust. Aesthrix accreditation gives a credibility to your business only available through our third-party endorsement.
  • Assurance to your Customers. Aesthrix accreditation demonstrates knowledge and expertise to your patients and that you operate to the highest standards and with the best interest for your patients.
  • A Competitive Edge. Aesthrix Accreditation gives confidence to your patients, helping them differentiate you from competitors.  It is a validation that you/your business has been meticulously tested by a recognised body and successfully met (or exceeded) their standards.
  • Gain New Customers. Potential customers will take note of your accreditations and use them as a benchmark in their decision-making on whether to put their face and body in your trust. Aesthrix accreditation generates positive publicity which translates to new business.