Aesthrix Star Guide

Aesthrix Star Guide
Be an award-winning clinic

Aesthrix Star guide conveys the clinic of its standards based on unique yet extensive quality checks. The most revered are its globally renowned stars. Clinics may receive their stars based on these criteria:  quality, commitment and achievement in the aesthetic and wellness industry.

The panel do not look at customers’ reviews published by clinics or marketing efforts but instead through a series of rigorous checks and inspection.

Quality Service

The level of service and engagement that customer can expect during their treatment. Approachability and communication, transparency and confidentially as well as feedback.

Experience & Training

The assurance that the doctors and staff are well-trained and equipped with the neccessary knowledge, skills and experience in delivering quality treatments safely and effectively.

Safety & Patient Care

The confidence of providing the right treatment and right solutions to address their concern. Pre, post follow up and proper protocols. Including proper equipment and maintenance.

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FAQ - Aesthrix Star Award

The three pillars of Aesthrix Star Award are quality, commitment and achievement. Each requirement within each category must be achieved in order to be awarded the Aesthrix star.

If you know your clinic has what it takes to be a star quality- it’s your chance to prove it!
Registration for 2023 Aesthrix Star Award is now open!

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Aesthrix Star Award is open to all clinics, products and devices companies in the aesthetic and wellness industry. Open to all sizes

The Aesthrix Star Award is a global body responsible for identifying the best-in-class clinics where consumers can purchase their services with confidence.

Aesthrix stars validate and promotes clinics to consumers worldwide, instilling confidence and reassurance when making their choice of aesthetic provider.

Under the leadership of Pyn Lim, CEO and Founder of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, a global leading institute of aesthetic medicine and surgery. The program is also supported by a panel of industry experts.

REGISTRATION – Interested doctors, clinics, product/device companies will register with the Accrediting Body. The Accrediting Body commences its preliminary analysis on each applicant to determine their suitability.

Further Review & Checks – Further scrutiny, reference checks, and reviews will be conducted. The applicant must achieve enough points and payment to be made in order to complete their final round.

Final Interview – our panel will contact applicants for their final interview and the result of their performance.

Award – Successful applications will finally receive their confirmation of the award, their results and ratings.

Successful applicants on receiving their confirmation and paying the applicable fees will be provided with a bespoke Aesthrix Star Media Package specific to your award title. The pack is ideal for your social media, email signatures, website, etc. The Star pack will be licensed to use for the period of one year.

Our marketing team will also promote your achievement on our social media channels. Educational videos can be sent to our marketing team and we will promote you on our various channels.

Successful clinics will enjoy a standard virtual clinic and may opt for a customized virtual clinic. Fees will apply.