Best morning routine for a busy day ahead

Best morning routine for a busy day ahead

Not a morning person? Not to worry! Here are some simple tips to get you up, started, and stay productive throughout the day!

While you may think it’s just another routine, but having a good start to the day truly makes a difference. To start the day with intention rather than letting the day run away from you. You control the day, which increases your productivity as it eliminates unnecessary stress. It also keeps you grounded all day long.

It is great that your morning routine can touch at least 2 if not all of these aspects: mind, body, and our emotional being.

Mind aspect, simply having great thoughts is one way to kickstart the day positively. Set your goals within realistic limits and set pockets of time for a breather. Make a list of what you need to do and take your mind off worrying about forgetting anything urgent matters at hand. Plan a rough schedule or if you are used to it, plan the day and integrate your to-do list in.

Emotional aspect, studies have shown that positivity produces more positivity! So start the day grateful, be thankful for even the day-to-day things and you will be amazed at how much positivity will naturally come. Showing gratitude is also a great way! Hug your loved one or connect with anyone who makes you feel happy! It is also great to know what makes you feel grounded. Time to relax? Yoga? Set just 5mins off for that!

Physical doesn’t just mean great big workouts but what we do with our body or physical space. It also includes having a good healthy breakfast, how we move to get our blood flowing. If a morning run or workout doesn’t suit you, start off with a really small initiative that you can keep up with. Simply swapping the elevator for the stairs or leave home slightly earlier and take a walk to the train station instead of hopping onto the bus. 

What is healthy for you? It may not mean buying the most expensive or organic ingredient but instead of going to work on an empty tummy, fill it up with some real food! A nice healthy protein-rich smoothie or an avocado toast or simple warm oatmeal to kick start the morning!

Sometimes, the anxiousness could creep in knowing you have a million things to settle for that day. So just ground yourself, a time for you to calm your mind and prepare for the day ahead and really help reduce stress. Having a clean and decluttered space will help!

Additional tips that will help you

  • A healthy morning begins the night before! Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep. So if you are going to get up early, turn in early! A good night’s sleep could mean turning off all electronic devices, having a consistent bedtime, and invest in comfortable mattresses and pillows.
  • Keep it simple. Habits require time. So don’t try to implement a long morning routine immediately and find yourself losing it towards the end of the week. Ease in with simple and small steps that could help you stay consistent and improve it over time.
  • Test what works for you. Sometimes, different methods work for everyone. You need time to explore and find the best routine that suits you.


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