Let’s talk threads – The rise of minimally invasive treatments and what you must know.

Let’s talk threads – The rise of minimally invasive treatments and what you must know.

Aesthetic threads are growing exponentially and are a high-sought-after treatment owing to the influence of the “Zoom-ready” phenomenon. Over the period, there has been a significant advancement in threads such as new and improved materials and capabilities. In particular, resorbable threads are known and associated with a reduced risk of complication.

So read on to find out more!

The procedure

A minimally invasive treatment to improve sagging of the skin and slight corrections in the face for a younger-looking appearance. Tiny surgical sutures are used to lift and support the droopy or sagging areas in the face and neck. They have barb-like (teeth-like) cogs that will grip on and lift the soft tissues. Threads are inserted at the precise location as they extend into an umbrella fashion to form its structure.

Once the threads and lift are secured, the needle used for the incision is then removed before knotting the thread. The end result should not be seen nor felt.

Side effects such as some swelling and bruising are common that may last a few days. When it is done properly, side effects tend to be uncommon. However, more serious and technique-related complications are not uncommon. Reported complications and possible side effects could include:

Common/ Mild Swelling, bruising & temporary pain.
Technique-related side effects Prolonged dimpling, depression, migration of threads, protrusion of threads, facial asymmetry, prolonged pain.
Rare/ Serious Hematoma, nerve damage, infection.

Bruising, swelling and pain – As one of the topmost common complaints, discomfort and post-procedural bruising is not uncommon even though thread lift is one of the most minimally invasive procedures. Such should resolve in a few days.

Facial asymmetry – A possible complication that can arise from inexperienced (or even experienced) doctors. This can be a result of various factors such as the use of anaesthetic, inherent facial asymmetry and/or inadequate life on either side.

Protrusion and migration of threads – This can occur due to poor technique regardless during entry or placing of the threads. Another possible reason may be a result of thread loss or breakage. Protrusion of thread through the skin could place the patient at risk of infection and granuloma.

Dimpling & irregularities – Dimpling could occur and usually can be resolved on its own. However, if threads are placed incorrectly could result in permanent dimpling. Depression or irregular contour could also be a result of incorrect placement and depth of the thread.

While thread lift is still known to be the safest and most effective non-surgical procedure. In comparison to traditional surgical methods, the number of patients actively seeking thread lifts has increased. However, complication occurring is not one that you should overlook. While most common complications relating to the treatment tends to be easily managed and reversible, acute and delayed complications that could be associated with inexperienced doctors still persist. It is critical that your doctor understands not just the ‘how’ but the science behind, material and in-depth face and neck anatomy paired with proper training and experience in order to achieve safe and effective results.

And if you are planning to consult a doctor about your next aesthetic treatment, do ensure that your doctor conveys all possible risks prior to your treatment. Ask and clear every doubt you have. The key to having a safe and effective treatment is to always look for a well-trained, certified and experienced doctor and a clinic that has good standards to ensure your pre to post journey and aftercare are well taken care of.


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