Press release

Dr Pablo Gonzalez takes the stage in Columbia

Dr Pablo Gonzalez Virtual Clinic

Columbia– We continue to celebrate our stars in the aesthetic industry. A leading surgeon in the field of aesthetic genital rejuvenation, creator of his very own typographic labiaplasty, Dr. Pablo Gonzalez heads his very own 3-aesthrix star clinic. Read his publication here.

Dr Pablo Gonzalez offers an extensive range of aesthetic genital rejuvenation treatments. From surgical to non-surgical treatments, he provides patients with treatments that follow strict measures of safety without compromising their effectiveness. Preserving both beauty and human anatomical functionality, he is known to be one of the foremost surgeons in the field.

“Listening to the needs and wants of my patients is very important in planning and delivering the best treatment plan for them” was one of Dr Pablo’s key to success. He further added “Ensuring safety includes a wide range of factors such as having adequate maintenance and guidelines, enforcing strict protocols and knowledge in interdisciplinary work and using the best available suture and medical devices” are critical areas that surgeons must follow.

Further, Dr. Pablo also believes that education is the key to ensuring that such aesthetic procedures continue to be done safely. As an ECAMS Faculty, he has conducted training for doctors in the specialty in both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

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