Eyelash Restoration



The presence of long, dark and luscious lashes can accentuate the human eye. Making it more beautiful and attractive. Brightening and widening the eye for a refreshed look with the length that emphasizes every movement around the eyes each time you blink and gaze.

However, as we age, we face lash loss. Not only that but in some cases lash loss could also be due to other factors including prior cancer surgery or trauma or even genetics. The good news is that it is reversible!

Common concerns:

  • lash loss
  • missing lashes


Methods & Treatments

Eyelash Restoration

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Eyelash Transplantation
BHT (harvest hair from the body)
Follicle Stem cells treatment during hair transplant

Cosmeceuticals and topical application

Eyelash Grooming


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