Growth, mole and tattoo removal



There are several kinds of skin lesions that are very common and non-cancerous. This includes mole,  skin tags, benign lentigines and seborrheic keratoses.

As we age, our skin naturally changes. This includes skin growth that can appear on our skin at any point of time. However, it is important to make sure that these growth aren’t cancerous. For some, these can occur in unsightly or in uncomfortable places. 

Another kind of growth are also what we call a “mole”. Appearing as small, dark brown spots that are typically caused by a cluster of pigmented cells. Mole can appear at any point of time, change in appearance or sometime fade away. 

Tattoo removal has also been increasingly sought after. Whether is it linked to a rash decision made in your youth, changes in lifestyle or belief, it is not irreversible! Tattoo removal is safe and effective!

Methods & Treatments

Seborrheic karatosis

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Tatoo removal

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