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Have you had one of the best and most catered services at your aesthetic clinic? You can now nominate them to begin their journey as an Aesthrix Star Clinic!

An Aesthrix Star Clinic

Aesthrix star clinic is the epitome of aesthetic and wellness excellence. Aesthrix star is awarded to clinics adjudicated with exceptionally high service standards. With one star being a very good clinic worth the trip, two stars being an excellent clinic worth a detour and three stars is an exceptional clinic that is totally worth a special trip when considering an aesthetic procedure.

Quality Service

Patient Care & Safety

Doctor's Qualification & Certification

Know that you are in safe hands

Daisey Z
Daisey Z@username
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Aesthrix really work .. Even when I felt nervous they talked with me.. it seems that you have a friend and 24h consultant!...... it was the best decision that I made and aesthrix made me confident to do..
Selina Pereira
Selina Pereira@username
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Aesthruix really gives you peace of mind. They recommend the right and most suitable doctors based on what you want.
Ana Dee
Ana Dee@username
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It's so great to have a consultant you know you can trust. Giving the most unbiased advice.