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Op Dr Huseyin Kandulu takes the spotlight despite the pandemic

Dr Kandulu Plastic Surgery Clinic

Istanbul – Op Dr Huseyin Kandulu Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery has been awarded her 3-Aesthrix Star Award. Sparkling along 9 other clinics across the globe of maintaining the highest level of exceptional service quality and patient care in the world of aesthetics.    

“No doubt that the past year has been filled with unprecedented challenges to the aesthetic industry, but these have brought and spur the team to look ahead and adapt as we deliver the best quality of aesthetic services for all our patients,” says Dr Kandulu. Leading a team that is committed and having patients ’ best interest at the very heart of their mission. From service experience to post-procedure care and follow-up, patients can expect all-rounded care given. Exclusivity of having special arrangements for all their overseas patients to local arrangements and lodging that patients can rest till they have fully recovered. 

“An area that I emphasize greatly is ensuring not just our customer service staff but all doctors up to date with the latest knowledge. We send all our doctors for regular training conducted by the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. A global leading institute with excellent training programs that thoroughly equip our staff with the gold standards of aesthetic practice,” Dr Kandulu added. A firm believer of “learning through teaching” has trained numerous delegates in the area of body contouring and more exclusively, high definition liposuction. Dr Kandulu is an ECAMS faculty, committed member of the college providing gold standards of aesthetic training and supporting all ECAMS Alumni members with ongoing support throughout their aesthetic career. 

Aesthrix Star Recognition isn’t just a name but a highly coveted award by many clinics, but only a few are awarded. They being judge based on their standards of quality, patient care, and commitment.  Recognized clinics have gone through rounds of rigorous checks and interviews under strict scrutiny by a panel of experts. Helmed by CEO and founder of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. Awarded clinics are clinics that must earn enough points in order to achieve their star (or three). A yearly re-assessment of all Aesthrix star clinics will be conducted in order to ensure that quality standards are well maintained. This means, that they can lose their stars any time and will have to wait till the next round before they can submit their application to earn their stars once again. 

What does it mean for patients?
Aesthrix star recognition is the gold standard of excellence when it comes to the aesthetic industry. Often the go-to guide for patients looking for any aesthetic treatment. When it comes to awarding, inspectors are not influenced by anything other than the true standards of quality, commitment, and achievement of the clinic. The panel of judges will be kept anonymous and will pay for treatment like any patient would.

Global leading institute of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery – Training some of the most outstanding surgeons in the field

List of Global Aesthetic Aesthrix Star Clinics – The mark of excellence 

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