Deep Plane Facelift

The deep plane techniques target the skin and muscles that are responsible for facial expression. Lifting both as a single unit that repositions the deep facial musculature. The deep plane facelift avoids the problem of the tight overfilled look as compared to modern facelifts. The main tenet of the deep plane facelift is that it lifts only under the muscle layer, leaving the skin attached to the muscle layers, so it can never look tight. It also lifts the cheeks by releasing the tethering points of the face in the deep plane so that the addition of fat or filler is unnecessary. It produces longer-lasting results than other facelifts. Because there is little tissue damage near the skin surface, patients have less bruising and bleeding with a deep plane facelift.

This technique is by far less performed as it calls for a higher level of precise skill. Choose your doctor wisely and ensure he/she is certified and qualified with sufficient experience.