Eye Ptosis Surgery

Ptosis is a medical condition where the upper eyelid of individual droops. Hence, surgery is the correction of droopy eyelids. For more severe cases, droopy eyelids can cover part of the pupil, reducing one’s peripheral vision. In the longer term, may lead to headaches and fatigue as they try to raise their brows to compensate for the droop. A droopy eyelid can also cause them to look inattentive, tired, and angry. While droopy eyelid could be a cause of a wide range of factors such as aging, trauma, developmental issues, medical conditions and etc.

Ptosis surgery is then the correction of the issue. There are two primary ptosis surgery techniques doctors use. The general and the sling technique. The general involves tightening the levator muscle while the sling technique involves using the frontalis muscle to lift the eyelid.