Lip Lift

Lip lift shortens the philtrum, which is the space from the top of the lip to the nose by increasing the amount of pink tissues creating a fuller and more pronounced look. Lip lift entails several types and techniques.

Direct lip lift – creates a more defined lip border by removing a thin strip of skin just above the upper lip and thus, pulling the skin upwards. However, may leave behind scars on the upper lip area

Subnasal bullhorn, one of the more common types of lift procedure. The doctor will make an incision along the base of the nose in the shape of a bullhorn. The lip is then pulled up towards the nose.

A Central lip lift, similar to the subnasal bullhorn lift procedure.

Corner lip lift or also known as a ‘grin lift’ is done through two incisions made at both corners of the mouth. This gives a more smiley look. An option for people who have downturned lips or a procedure done with another lip lift for a fuller lip look.

An Italian lip lift is also somewhat similar to the bullhorn but instead of one, two incisions will be made below each nostril.