Ultrasound-assisted liposuction

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses ultrasonic waves to liquefy fats in a specific region which is then later sucked out by a cannula or thin medical vacuum. A minimally invasive method instead of going through traditional liposuction surgery. The procedure entails the insertion of a probe into the patient. And then, emitting ultrasonic vibrations in order to break up the fat in the specific region. When combined with a tumescent solution, it turns into oil and then removed by suction. An internal method has been seen to be effective in dissolving stubborn fats and fibrous in the body parts such as the male chest, upper and lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and backs.

As with all liposuction procedures, it is not meant for weight loss or treatment for obesity. Before going, it is best to speak to a certified and highly trained doctor who can help determine the best procedure for you.

Treatment names may include: Vaser Lipo