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TotallyDerma Collagen Drinks

TotallyDerma Collagen Drinks is an Anti-Aging Drink Supplement that works from the INSIDE to stimulate the body’s optimum production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, addressing both the aesthetic (physical) signs of ageing and the underlying physiological processes.

The drink contains Anthred® hydrolysed collagenn peptides, which is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen from the hides of German cattle under controlled conditions. Anthred® contains a highly bioavailable form of collagen. Clinical studies show 95% absorption. It is tiny molecular size which is key to this absorption.

It is a scientifically researched, evidence based, results-driven DAILY ingestible skin drink, for a double pronged approach to anti-ageing. Internal AND Topical.

As a result of being ingested, TotallyDerma works from the inside out: collagen contributes to skin firmness and elasticity and hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and confers volume and density, thus filling in wrinkles. TotallyDerma is also shown to boost collagen and hydration levels throughout the body, with visible improvements in overall skin, hair, nails, joints and gynaecological menopausal dryness.

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