LED Lip Mask

Clinically proven that:

  • helps improve lip elasticity
  • helps improve lip moisture
  • helps improve lip scrub

Highly recommended for lips:

  • Dry lips with lip balm essential all year round
  • Darkly pigmented lips with frequent makeup
  • Weak lips that hurt when cold and tired
  • Winkled and volumeless lips with old looks




LED Lip Mask

  • For chapped lips, presenting moisture + nutrition
  • Brighten up dull lips
  • Firming and lifting up your lips
  • For healthy lips, improve barriers of lips

Point 1

For Chapped lips

Lips without sebaceous glands are unavoidable to moisture evaporation! So lips are always dry. Instead of just lip-care, take care your lips with LED lip mask.

It helps to moisture and supply nutrients to the lips.

With the ‘Honey Coco’ lip care:

  • Honey: strengthen moisturising, supply nutrition
  • Coconut oil: Supply water, soothing skin
  • Shea butter: Strengthen moisturising, supply nutrition
  • Royal jelly extract: Strengthen moisturising, supply nutrition

Point 2

Make better lip color, Lip brightening

If your lips are tone down any lip color, try to tone up your real lip color! This is a whitening functional cosmetic containing Niacinamide, a whitening ingredient certified by the Korea FDA.

Niacinamide: A type of vitamin B3, whitening function approved by the Korea FDA for skin tone improvement and whitening effect.

Point 3

For wrinkled lips, Firming and Lifting up your lips.

Improve the wrinkle and elasticity of lips! Care with not only functional cosmetics but also red wavelength LED mask.

Honey Coco Total Care:

  • Dual functional cosmetics for wrinkle improvement
  • Containing Adenosine, a wrinkle improvement ingredient certified by KFDA

LED Lip Mask

  • Composed with 12 red LED
  • Skin elasticity improvement

Point 4

For healthy lips, Improve barrier of lips

Your lips are chapped and dry when you feel cold and tired. ALOE and CICA makes your lips healthy with lip barrier

Aloe vera leaf extract:

  • Rich amount of Vitamin E, C and minerals makes your lips moisturised. It improves the regenerating power of damaged skin and soothes the skin by supplying moisture.


  • Centella Asiatica extract. It helps regenerate sensitive skin by external stimulation of dried skin.

What is in the box?

LED Lip mask

Battery x2

2 solution cream:

  1. Honey Coco, Total care, 8ml
    • whitening and wrinkle improvement
    • powerful soothing and moisturizing care
    • mid scrubbing care
    • simple and clean use by the silicon applicator
  2. Aloe cica, Dual moisturiser, 8ml
    • whitening and wrinkle improvement
    • build strong barrier on dry lips
    • improvement of lip barrier
    • simple and clean use by the silicon applicator


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