SKIIN – Collagen Bio-Stimulation & Brightening For Fine Lines

SKIIN scars range can treat boxcar or rolling scars effective.
Recommended treatment:

Essential Home care kit
  • SKIIN needlingpen with our skin booster serum.
  • Opera Milux LED mask together with Idebebone plus btx collagen serum.


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Indication fine lines, rough texture, dull, droopy skin.

Loss of skin elasticity is a natural part of the aging process. You may have noticed it for the first time when you were putting on makeup or rubbed your eyes. You moved your eyelid slightly to the side, and your skin didn’t bounce back the way it used to.

Skin elasticity is skin’s ability to stretch and snap back to its original shape. Loss of skin elasticity is known as elastosis. Elastosis causes skin to look saggy, crinkled, or leathery.

In addition to losing collagen, skin also starts to lose elastin, a protein which provides skin with the ability to stretch and snap back. Elastin is found in the connective tissue of the skin’s dermis layer.

Skin elasticity can be improved by stimulating the growth of collagen.

We all dream of healthy, plump and glowing skin but a variety of factors from external aggressors to our own stress levels and lifestyle habits can often leave our skin a little dull and lacklustre.

To help you achieve an even and healthy-looking complexion all year round, we have gathered a combination skin brightening products that gaurantee your glowing skin.

SKIIN collagen range we recommend a combination of using SKIIN needlingpen, LED mask and serums to regenerate collagen, restore elasticity and glow the skin.

With our skin booster and brightening serum using our SKIIN needlingpen to deliver it into the skin, and using a Peptide, Btx Collagen & Idebenone serum using the LED face mask to stimulate the collagen reproduction, these are the best loved treatments which you can easily do it at your home.

Essential Home care kit
  • SKIIN needlingpen with our skin booster and skin brightener serum.
  • Opera Milux LED mask together with Peptide, Idebebone plus BTX collagen serum.
how to use
  • wash your face
  • apply the skin booster and brightener serum all over your face and use the SKIIN needlingpen to go through all over the face.
  • Use it once a week for 5 sessions and stop for 3 months before the next cycle.
  • For days that you do not do the needlingpen, then apply Idebenone, peptide and BTX collagen all over your face and place the LED face and neck mask and operate it under mode 1.
  • use it as regular as possble.
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