SKIIN Prospectus

SKIIN Prospectus

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Hi =
Dr Lisa Fay,

Thank =
you for your DM for your interest in the SKIIN product. Attached is the =
SKIIN Bespoke range (1-1 customised skincare set for your patients). =
Please go through and let me know if you are interested to introduce it =
to your patients. It is easy enough to start as no initial stock is =
required in your clinic since it is 1-1 customisation. We will have to =
print roll up banner and brochure so that it can be distributed to your =
clinic and we have soft copy too for your social media. 
We can discuss this =
further via WhatsApp. Looking forward to hear from you. 
I will sent you the =
Regenerate range brochure soon. 

Pyn Lim

& Founder
European College of Aesthetic Medicine =
& Surgery

+353868048992 | +353871600830pyn@ecamedicine.comwww.ecamedicine.com=




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