Star rated doctor guidelines

Guidelines for medical doctors listed in Aesthrix

We are the only trusted resource for helping patients receive the best outcome for their elective aesthetic procedures. We connect them to one of the listed star rated doctors so that they can get the best outcome that they deserve.

Who can be listed as trusted doctors?

All doctors listed on this website either has to complete the star rating process with a minimum passing score or must be ECAMS (European college of aesthetic medicine & surgery) certified doctors. 

All ECAMS certified doctors will be automatically listed in Aesthrix website as a basic star rated doctor. Being a ECAMS certified doctors means:

  • Doctors will have to attend our hands-on training.
  • They must have at least 75 passing grade on their theory and practical examination during their hands-on training.
  • They must be a medical doctors with special interest in aesthetic procedures.
  • They can be ECAMS faculties or head of department, which means they are the trainer in aesthetic procedures for all the ECAMS certified doctors.

For those doctors that are not ECAMS certified doctors, they have to go through our star rating process in order to be listed.