Also termed as Lipoplasty and Body Contouring. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat from specific areas of the body, shaping and improving the contours of the body including the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, calves, ankles, chest, back, hips, thighs, chin and neck. The default type or a traditional type of liposuction entails […]

Lift (Face and Body)

A lift, whether is it for the face or body, seeks to repair and readjust the contours of underlying tissues and muscles while removing unwanted fat. This procedure can be done to various parts of the body such as brows, forehead, arm, neck, breast, thigh, upper and lower body, and tummy.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting also referred to as fat transfer or fat injections, a surgical process where fat from an area is transferred to another. It aims to remove unwanted fat from a specific area to another in fill in volume-deficient areas. To be able to, the donor sites must have enough fat to be taken. Patients […]

Fat Freezing

Also known as cryolipolysis, a procedure that helps get rid of excess fats. With a device that is able to cool and bring the body to freezing temperature as it freezes and kills fat cells at the area being treated. It is non-surgical and non-invasive with no recovery time needed. However, it must be administered […]