Understanding the risk of plastic surgery – Who your surgeon is matters

Understanding the risk of plastic surgery – Who your surgeon is matters

Aesthetic surgery, like any other type of surgery, is not without risk. And in fact, can result in complications ranging from mild to severe consequences. In addition, the risk arising due to anaesthesia should not be ignored.

In some ways, aesthetic surgery can actually be more challenging as compared to other standard procedures. It isn’t just about opening someone to fix and then closing. But requires a doctor who is well trained, certified and experienced to provide trusted advice and perform the treatment safely while delivering what is medically achievable. It also requires a great eye for detail in order to achieve natural-looking results. You definitely wouldn’t want to leave the room with a “not quite right” look.

Unfortunately, even with the growing demand for such treatments, the rate of complication is exactly improving. While some aesthetic procedures may be considered low-risk, the majority of adverse events often go unreported. It includes (not limited):

Poor aesthetic results. One of the greatest fear of any surgeon isn’t only failing to improve the appearance but having a worse off outcome than before the surgery.

Permanent scarring. Scarring may be, to a certain extent an unpredictable outcome. However, it isn’t always the case and can be controlled in most cases. Furthermore, taking steps to decrease the possible risk of scarring includes following your doctor’s advice prior to and after surgery. Steps such as not smoking, keeping a healthy diet post-surgery and following aftercare instructions.

Infection. As with all surgeries, infection is another possible risk. Having proper care, keeping the site clean can minimize and prevent possible risk of infection.

Bleeding. Bleeding can and is very likely to occur. However, this becomes an issue when it continues longer and beyond the healing period. Post-surgical bleeding may also be a sign that the patient may have been too active too soon.

Blood clots. Another very common risk of many surgeries. While many may not be life-threatening but would still require medical attention to avoid any possible further complications.

Nerve damage or permanent numbness. This can happen during the procedure and results are definitely more visible. For example, if one or more of the facial nerves is damaged, this could result in the inability to make facial expressions.

Death. The most severe outcome and one that should not be discounted for. No matter how low the percentage of risk is presented, there is still a possibility whether if it is a minor or major procedure.


With any type of surgery, the patient does have a role and have the ability to reduce the possibility of risk occurrence. The best way to reduce the risk of an undesirable outcome and one that plays a pivotal role in the decision of your surgeon who is going to perform the surgery for you. Consider various factors such as your surgeons’ education and training, experience, before and after results as well as achievement in the field. Always look for well-trained and experienced doctors.

Another factor is the quality standard of the clinic you are going to. With the proper equipment, safety protocols and staff training. Locate an Aesthrix Star Clinic – the epitome of quality in aesthetics. Lifestyle and other influencing factors too are extremely important before and after the surgery that can also affect the final results and reduce possible risk. Healthy eating and lifestyle can speed up healing and in some cases, prolong the effectiveness of the procedure.


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