What’s trending? Top aesthetic trends in 2022!

What’s trending? Top aesthetic trends in 2022!


Entering 2022, we see greater transparency about aesthetic surgeries. People today are more willing to talk about it and share their experiences and recovery. Moreover, the heightened awareness of health and wellness is an integral part of who we are. Focusing on a holistic approach and focusing on self-care and body positivity.

As a result, the aesthetic industry continues to soar! It has and will always be a high-paced competition with new technology entering the market. Moreover, the pandemic has made a shift and we continue to see an increased demand for more aesthetic treatments including younger populations and across genders. 


Here, we unpack the key trends to watch in 2022 that will carry on through 2023.


Body contouring – in the face of endless zoom calls and meetings, working from home has pushed the numbers for aesthetic facial treatments. Now that doors are open and most of us are back in the office, the demand for body contouring treatments is now back up.



While work-from-home has enabled more invasive procedures to be done, many are turning to non-invasive treatments with no or minimal downtime, and less pain without any incisions. This can allow them the flexibility to pop into the clinic during lunch hours. With the revolution and improvement in these technologies, results are getting better.

For those who are looking for good surgeons and or technology that has proven to work, a free consultation is available with an Aesthrix Expert. Aesthetic works with the largest network of ECAMS Certified Doctors, and Renowned Experts in their field. They bring trusted advice to patients and recommend the most suitable doctor and clinics all around the world. So regardless of where you are located, Aesthrix will be able to advise you.



Injectables – Lips, lips, lip! Moving away from the use of fillers to botox for a lip flip. Botox is injected through the upper lips that relax the muscle around the lip, causing the upper lip to ‘flip’ up and outwards for a fuller appearance without changing or adding volume to it.

A huge influence on the rising popularity is the lights of social media that have normalised aesthetic treatments with more and more people being open in sharing their treatment experience and recovery process. With that, we also see lots of doctors jumping in building up their social media and bumping up advertising across all platforms.



The skin at its best – Amid the continuation of the “minimalism trend, focusing on a simplified routine with using the right key products and active ingredients instead of a 15-step routine. For many, it is about increasing the focus on improving overall skin health versus getting rid of issues. Try SKIIN Bespoke – customised to suit your skin in 3 simple steps!

‘Minimalism’ is about looking the achieve healthy and naturally glowing skin without a multiple-step routine. Along with many specific treatments, deep cleansing, LED therapy and micro-needling have been added to the list. Microneedling with its many uses can help with cell turnover, and collagen-boosting effects while LED therapy opens the pores to maximise solution absorption and delivers LED light therapy that improves blood circulation, skin tightening and lifting effects.



If you prefer to stay in the comfort of your home and perform this treatment, you can now enjoy the same results as you would with SKIIN’s regenerate range. A brand that aesthetic doctors recommend. It is effective yet cost-effective. Doctors also recommend their products for their patients as maintenance following their aesthetic treatment.



Men included and more – It is not true that men do not use products! The male-marketed beauty and grooming industry is on the rise and is expected to grow. Chris Ashford-Reid, General Manager and Vice President of Tom Ford Beauty and Luxury Fragrance Brand for Estee Lauder Companies said in an interview with Cosmetic Business that men today have more needs than just shaving, to look their best in all aspects including the use of facial products. Also highlighted by Cartessa, Growth is seen in both beauty and aesthetic industries.




One and one make THREE! – the equation never gets solved when more people are looking at combination procedures that will enhance results while making full use of their time in the office and recovery. This could be due to the savings that they can get, moreover, travelling time with a one-off downtime period. 

However, this differs slightly in non-surgical findings where consumers believe that one treatment, for example, a botulinum toxin may not be enough and would like to have a laser of RF or even both treatments to optimise results. Another request as cited from Aedit where Dr Liotta mentioned that rhinoplasty is also commonly combined with chin augmentation and or liposuction beneath the chin and jaw for a “profile makeover” achieving both balance and natural-looking results.


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