Why customized skincare is the answer?

Why customized skincare is the answer?

Have you ever been on a long yet never-ending search for the right skincare product? Or having found one but seem to stop working? Trying one that works for one issue but seems to aggravate another?

In this highly saturated marketing, new products and brands are always cropping up. Finding the right skincare that meets your needs is far from east.

The thing is that you shouldn’t have an experiment with your skin or spend your time, effort, and hard-earned money on products that that may or may not work for you. In fact, some products can cost up to a bomb. So what is a smarter and more effective choice? It’s having your customized skincare, a perfect fit taking into consideration your skin type and goals. It also eliminates all possible reactions and reduces the risk of allergy.

1. No more trial and error when there is a perfect fit for your skin

Has anyone ever praised a product that you ended up disliking? Ingredients and formula may work for some and not others but that does not mean your skin has to be used as a testing ground.

 You are unique, just like our DNA, character, and personality. The same goes for your skin! A one-size-fits-all policy will not work for something so personal. Moreover, our lifestyle and environment have a huge impact on our skin. Customized skincare as its name suggests, is tailored and designed to address your specific skin concerns and needs. Eliminating the stress of trial and error.

2. Consider the factors that affect your skin

Your skin type, environment, climate, lifestyle including sun exposure, stress level, food, and water intake, daily and work routines can affect your overall skin health. These combined will affect how your skin feels, look and react. So something off the shelf cannot take into consideration that is so unique.

3. Simplify your skincare

How often do you pick out specific products that you see? Maybe through an influencer, shop, or someone’s recommendation. Expanding your routine from what a 4-step could do to a 10-step routine or more.

The truth is, less is more and really more when it comes to your skincare. It is about understanding and knowing the right ingredients that will work for your skin. Customized skincare simply means simplifying it. You shouldn’t not be spending more than half your morning and evening slathering on never-ending gels, creams, and serum.

4. Save the earth 

With customized skincare, you are likely to complete the product and no more throwing away half or even barely used products that were ‘alright’ or caused a reaction. Customization means a better fit, less product waste that makes it earth-friendly!

5. Save more, spend less for better results!

A 10-step routine definitely costs way more to maintain. Not to mention how much resources and money were wasted on trying other products and ended up discarding them. With customized skincare, there’s no more of that! Just a set that is specially designed for you, paying exactly only for what you need.

Does it sound awesome? All it takes is to begin your skin diagnostic that will help us understand your current skin condition, concerns, and skin goals. Your results will then be sent to our lab experts who will pick the right active ingredients, devise the best formula your skin needs. This set includes a toner, ampoule, cream, and mask! That is all you need to keep your skin healthy and fresh!

Get your SKIIN Bespoke set

A point to note, Bespoke set due to its exclusivity and customization, orders are limited to only 10 sets per month.


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