Your Submission for Aesthrix Star-Rated Submission ID clinic-0008

Your Submission for Aesthrix Star-Rated Submission ID clinic-0008

Sept 2020

No. of employees:



A-1: List out all the procedures your clinic is performi=
ng. (10 points):


A-2: Flow of each treatment from appointment booking to aftercare appo=
intment (10 points):



B-1: Detail down your protocol for the following: 1)Adve=
rse events such as allergy reaction, burnt from laser or any devices. 2)Sen=
tinel events such as blindness, skin lost, infections. 3)Near misses/catche=
s early event Also indicate the protocol/instruction given to your support =
staff in order for them to handle these events accordingly.:

Depending on sever=
ity of any adverse event guests would be advised to take benadryl, referred=
to their family doctor or emergency or call 911 (all emergency numbers are=
posted for employees). Nurse Practitioner on site 2 days per week (Friday =
& Saturday (as needed)). All support staff are instructed to communicat=
e openly with each other, as well as with owner, facing any and all adverse=
events head on.

B-2: List out all procedures that the clini=
c practices and its corresponding point of contact that patients can contac=
t for any concerns(before and after working hours). Also indicate the type =
of concern/symtoms or signs that typically surfaces and describe in detail =
the step by step protocol that they adhere to address the concern, track an=
d follow up. At which point is the matter escalated up to a higher manageme=
nt level.:


B-3: Does your clinic provide any documentation for the patient=E2=
=80=99s carer? If yes, briefly tell us what information is present and subm=
it a copy of any patient=E2=80=99s carer information document.:



B-4: Do you use any kin=
d of prescription controlled drugs that require special locker of authorisa=
tion or any form of inventory tracking on the usage? If yes, describe in de=
tail the type(s) of drugs and the following protocols, tracking systems and=
authorisation steps for the usage.:




B-5: What a=
re the measure(s) or step(s) taken to ensure patients received their prescr=
iption correctly before and/or after their surgery. What is the clinic=E2=
=80=99s protocol on issuing prescribed drugs and how do you prevent any inc=
orrect or double being issued?:


B-6: Please provide a full lis=
t of emergency protocol/handbook that your clinic observes and follow durin=
g an emergency.:


B-7: Describe in detail how your clinic keeps track in ensurin=
g that all equipments and consumable products required for surgery and/or t=
reatment is in good working condition and update to date (expiration date).=
How you do ensure that there is enough lead time to replace spoilt equipme=
nt or products that have expired?:


B-8: For each protocol mentioned in (B-7), how do you =
ensure smooth operations should the person in charge is absent from work. S=
hould there be a last minute event that an equipment/product required for a=
procedure runs out and will not be available before the patient appointmen=
t, how do you manage?:


B-9: Please submit all the regulatory and government =
approved documentation for running the clinic as a proof that the clinic ha=
s met all the safety standards (e.g patient=E2=80=99s safety, hygiene, fire=
safety, malpractice insurance and public liability insurance):



C-1: Please submit any =
documents that shows how your clinic records patient=E2=80=99s information.=
This should include the all procedure(s) that have been enquired and/or pe=
rformed, the patient=E2=80=99s course of treatment including consultation r=
ecords, treatment and review appointment and aftercare support.:


C-2: As mentio=
ned in C-1, how does the clinic record and follow through the above informa=
tion? Does the clinic uses a management software, if yes, which software or=
system is being used? If no, are information recorded through manual paper=


C-3: P=
lease attached a full listing of your pricelist for all your procedures.:


C-4: =
In detail, describe your approach to customer=E2=80=99s experience at each =
of your contact point.:

All guests are COVID Checked at the door including temp=
erature check. If guest first point of contact is via telephone they are en=
couraged to book a consultation. A consultation from head to toe is encoura=
ged and recommendations are made from there. Picture are taken and all cons=
ultations are documented in MDWare. Guest Relations are responsible for hel=
ping guests understand where they are supposed to be, who they will meet wi=
th and what they can expect. After treatments are performed, each therapist=
will guide the guests to their next treatment to back to Guest Relations.

C-5: Please submit all pre and post care instructions that yo=
ur clinic follow. If you have it in other language, please also attached a =
copy of all available languages.:


C-6: What is the system that your clinic adop=
ts to ensure that patients receives all pre and post care instructions?:

Pre &a=
mp; post care instructions are provided over the phone and after treatment =
a hard copy is provided and explained. All questions are answered promptly.=

C-7: Please describe in detail your clinic=E2=80=99s protoco=
l for pre-checkup.:


C-8: Please describe in detail the timeline and your clinic=
=E2=80=99s protocol once pre-checkup has been completed through to the day =
of your patient=E2=80=99s appointment?:


C-9: If patient arrive=
s for treatment unwell, what is the clinics protocol in managing the situat=

Guests are greeted at c=
linic and asked standard COVID questions including a temperature check. If =
guest is unwell they are asked to reschedule for a later date.

C-10: Does your clinic allow patients=
to cancel their planned treatment? If yes, please detail down your cancell=
ation policy.:

All guest are required to cancel if necessary 24 hours before =
appointment time. Guests book using a credit card. If appointments are miss=
ed more than 1 time a fee of $50 will be charged for missed appointment.

C-11: How does your clinic manage patients who resides far-away=
from where your clinic is located? List down in detail the precaution step=
s and how do you ensure that their pre-checkup has been done and is suitabl=
e for treatment?:

Patients who=
require more than 3 hours away by car or plane are advised to follow-up ei=
ther by phone or stay over night if necessary.

C-12: Describe in detail the various post care treatm=
ents and the corresponding protocols for follow up.:


NP will invited all guests=
to return after 2 weeks for follow-up. MA’s will invited all guests receiv=
ing microneedling or laser to return after 4 weeks for additional treatment=
or follow-up.

D-1: Please submit a list of all qualification=
s of your staff. Indicating their full name, roles and responsibilities, qu=
alifications, number of years of experience. The list should also include a=
ny ongoing trainings that they are attending and how often do they attend t=


D-2: Does your clinic provide =E2=80=9Cbasic life support=E2=80=9D, =
=E2=80=9Cadvance cardiac life support=E2=80=9D training courses for staff? =
If yes, how regularly do staffs attend training? :

All staff has First Aid. NP =
has additional Basic Life Support though school.


D-3: Indicat=
e the various conferences and training courses that doctors in your clinic =
attend in a year. Please describe on how these trainings are chosen or deem=
as required. Please indicate whether these trainings attended are accredit=
ed, an by whom.:

NP was traine=
d as an aesthetic injector by CBAM (Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine). =
Additional training by CBAM included PRP, Sclerotherapy, Mesotherapy & =

D-4: Des=
cribe how each doctor and/or surgeon keeps us with the latest approach or t=

NP Has been trained by CBAM (Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine).=
Additional training from Allergan & Galderma.

D-5: Has y=
our doctor/surgeon made any contributions such as being a speaker, or writt=
en any scientific papers and/or books. Is he/she involved in any humanitari=
an project(s). If yes, please list down in detail including a short descrip=
tion of how he/she has been involved and the type of contributions made.:


E-1: Has the clinic=E2=80=99s management and/or owne=
r gone through proper management and/or leadership training courses? Are th=
ese course accredited by a recognised body? Please indicate in detail the t=
ype of training(s) and/or course(s), accrediting body, date of training and=
list of who attended. :


Yes, all employees have been trained via InSparation M=
anagement training material. InSparation Management are based in Daytona Be=
ach Florida and are the business advisors for the company. Nurse Practition=
er has had additional training from CBAM (Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medic=
ine). Kimberly Fry Owner was trained as a MA from CBC (Canadian Beauty Coll=
ege in Ontario Canada), Additional Courses as MA from International Beauty =
Institute In Ontario Canada & B.Sc. from St. Mary’s University Halifax =
NS Canada; Josanne Brown trained esthetician from Keyin College GFW NL Cana=
da with Medical Aesthetic Courses funded by Owner from Vanstone College in =
St. John’s NL Canada

E-2: Does your clinic employ or have a =
dedicated employee who handles all operational responsibilities? If yes, pl=
ease indicate his/her name, her job designation and roles and responsibilit=

Operations of the Spa a=
re handled by Owner – Kimberly Fry Ordering products and supplies, daily se=
rvices and flow of guests, HR, accounting,


E-3: Is your clinic based on a commission or sales-drive=
n incentives for staff? If yes, please indicate the person(s) on this schem=
e and describe how it works and the amount of incentive is calculated and g=

Salary + Bonus. Bonus is based on SVPG (Service Volume Per Guest) + RVPG=
(REtail Volume Per Guest) + KPI’s + tips

=E2=80=A8E-5: List=
down in detail the various roles and responsibilities of all staff such as=
junior nurse, senior nurse, aesthetician, aesthetic manager, clinic manage=
r, branch manager, receptionist, customer service executive..etc. Please al=
so indicate the number of years he/she has been in her role and the average=
turnover for that particular role.:


Kimberly Fry Owner/Medical Aesthetician/B.Sc Years of experience 4=
; Rodney Ralph RN BN NP 28 years with 2 years as NP Aesthetic Injector; Jos=
anne Brown Medical Aesthetician 2 years; Allison Marks Guest Relations 1 ye=
ar – LUXX Medical Aesthetics opened only 1 year (No turn over to date).

E-6: Is there a dedicated pe=
rson in charge of human resource? If yes, indicate the person(s) name, role=
and responsibilities.:

Owner is in charge of HR. Kimberly Fry Training, schedu=
ling, sick leave, payroll etc.

E-7: What are the various poli=
cies the clinic has implemented such as payroll, incentives, career progres=
sion and staff benefits in relation to their job designation? : =

All team members are paid salary + bonus.=
Rewards in place for achieved goals. Capacity goals achieved dictation car=
eer progression. NP Goal to full time from part time, MA to SPA Manager and=
Guest Relation to Guest Relations Manager

E-8: How are the policies describe in E-6 being monitored=
and who is the person in charge in ensuring these policies are followed th=
rough. Is there a feedback system in place?:

Daily, weekly & monthly review=
s are conducted by owner. Feedback is provided and communication is very op=

E-9: Does you clinic have regular staff welfare events su=
ch as team bonding and other events? Please describe the type of activities=
you have done?:

As a team we =
have regular team gatherings, dinners, shopping trips to city (5 hours away=
), monthly team beauty night. Regular training sessions as well.=

E-10: Does you company have any pol=
icies for customer protection? Describe in detail how it works and how does=
it reinforced staff do preach your current patients.:

COVID protocols in pla=
ce – temperature check, questionnaire for illness or if guest has been arou=
nd anyone sick. Masks are mandatory when qualified by provincial government=
. Full insurance coverage. Consent signed by guest for all procedures.

E-11: Provide a brief background of your clinic including how the=
clinic started and its vision and mission. Please also attach a copy of th=
e clinic layout, number of rooms and pictures of each room.:


E-12: Tell us, wha=
t makes your clinic different from other clinics? :

The LUXX point of differenc=
e is mainly exceptional customer service. We make all guest experiences ver=
y special. From the moment a guest enters the clinic to checkout they are t=
reated very well. Offered slippers, beverage, consultation and expert servi=
ce. Upon checkout all guests are re-booked and all questions are answered. =
We also offer laser which is unique to the area.


E-13: Outlin=
e the future of your clinic.:

After only 9 months in business LUXX Medical Aesthetics is at 55% capacity=
and growing. Total Revenue to date is $334k. Growth target for 2022 is 15-=
20%. Total head count is 5 and plan to increase by 2 people in 2022. Member=
ship VIP is at 55 members which is well ahead of full year target of 11 for=

E-14: Detail down=
how your business continually reviews, monitor and improve its customer se=

I work with an advisor at InSPAration management and we are constantly =
reviewing, monitoring and creating new ways to improve customer service. Al=
l team members are constantly training with the owner to review recipes for=
success. Since opening in Jan 2021 I continually monitor results within so=
ftware as well as talking to guests asking for testimonials and feedback. G=
uest feedback is key! We have also implemented a membership program and var=
ious campaigns i.e. "enter to win". Guests who have not won the g=
rand prize are called and offered a $25 gift card for future service.=

E-15: What are the accomplishment(s) to date? Please list down ea=
ch award attained, location and date awarded. Include links, media article(=
s), YouTube or other proof.:

Since opening in Jan 2021, LUXX Medical Aesthetics owner has been nominate=
d for 2 awards. RBC Entrepreneur of the Year Award as well as NLOWE Entrepr=
eneur of the Year Award. These are nominations only to date. Sent from Mail=
for Windows From: Judy Raske Sent: Monday, September 13, 2021 10:34 AM To:=
Luxx Medical Aesthetics Subject: NLOWE Awards – Congratulations You’ve Bee=
n Nominated! Dear Kim, We are pleased to inform you that you have been nomi=
nated for one or more NLOWE Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. On behalf of N=
LOWE=E2=80=99s Board of Directors and staff, I congratulate you on this acc=
omplishment! If you would like to be considered for an award please respond=
to the following questions by September 16, 2021. 1. Do you own your own b=
usiness? If so, what percentage do you own? 2. How many years have you been=
in business? 3. Is your business incorporated? 4. Date of Incorporation 5.=
Range of annual revenue =E2=88=99 Less than $50,000 =E2=88=99 Between $50,=
001 and $250,000 =E2=88=99 Greater than $250,001 6. Age (This is to confirm=
eligibility for the Young Entrepreneur Award) Since 1998, NLOWE=E2=80=99s =
Entrepreneur of the Year Awards have paid tribute to the province=E2=80=99s=
most successful female entrepreneurs for their important contributions to =
the economy. The awards provide recognition to Newfoundland and Labrador=E2=
=80=99s women business owners, whose successful businesses and achievements=
contribute to the provincial economy and to their communities. By being no=
minated for an award, you have been singled out as an exceptional businessw=
oman! This year=E2=80=99s award categories are: =E2=80=A2 Trailblazer =E2=
=80=A2 Trendsetter =E2=80=A2 Momentum =E2=80=A2 Economic Impact =E2=80=A2 Y=
oung Entrepreneur =E2=80=A2 Entrepreneurial Excellence =E2=80=A2 Mentor =E2=
=80=A2 Leadership Award winners will be notified on or before October 8, 20=
21. If you have any questions about the awards process, please do not hesit=
ate to contact Barbie Drover, Director of Administration and Special Projec=
ts at 709-754-4587 or email bdrover@nl=
owe.org. Again, congratulations on being nominated for a NLOWE Entrepre=
neur of the Year Award for 2021! Best regards, Jennifer Bessell Chief Execu=
tive Officer Newfoundland & Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneur=
s (NLOWE) Judy Raske =E2=94=82 NLOWE =E2=94=82 Office Manager 2nd Floor, Re=
gatta Plaza II =E2=94=82 84-86 Elizabeth Avenue =E2=94=82 St. John’s, NL =
=E2=94=82 A1A 1W7 t: 709.754.5326 =E2=94=82 f: 709.754.5003 toll free: 1.88=
8.NLOWE.11 www.nlowe.org

F-1: Describe in full details on how =
your clinic handle complaints. What do you do when there is a complaint? Ho=
w long do you take to respond to each complaint?:

Any complaints are addressed =
immediately by owner. Either by phone or in person if possible. Lash lift &=
amp; Tint – guest called to say the result was not what she expected. Resol=
ution – guest came back to have service re-done at no cost with before and =
after pics taken Botox – not the result they were expecting. Still movement=
in forehead & glabella. Explained to guest that they would need more b=
otox to achieve result they were looking for but guest was not interested i=
n added more. Guest asked for re-payment. Resolution – re-payment issued as=
expectation may not have been set up properly. Early days of opening. In f=
uture, team discussed setting up expectations properly in future – taken as=
a learning. Spray tan streaky with no device for drying – purchased new ma=
chine to replace older version with drying device. Offered guest to come ba=
ck for free tan

F-2: Describe in full details the protocols =
in managing complications for each procedure. Also, indicate the action pla=
n and response time taken to resolve the corresponding complications.:

Laser & Microneedling – skin t=
yping completed and documented before every service. Consent signed and ris=
ks and possible complications reviewed with each guest. Post procedure – af=
ter care explained and where applicable emailed hard copy for reference. Al=
l procedures are charted and in each guest file within software. Botox &amp=
; Filler – consultation prior to procedure. All risks and possible complica=
tions reviewed. Hard copy of post care offered to each guest. Each procedur=
e is documented in software (MDWare) All services are explained prior to pr=
ocedure performed. Each one is documented in software and post care is both=
explained and hard copy provided where necessary i.e facials, hydrafacials=
, chemical peel, mani/pedi, lash/brow/makeup/spraytan/waxing services, micr=
odermabrasion & dermaplaning.

F-3: List out in detail till date, the complication that have been=
encountered since the clinic began. Describe how it was being resolved.:


F-4: Are you cu=
rrently pending any court order or claims for your malpractice insurance? I=
f yes, please indicate what are they and describe in detail.:


Name (patient 1):=

a Manning

Patient 1 Email:


Patient 1 Mobile=

09) 885-5214

Name (patient 2):

Jackie Evans

Patient 2 Email:


Patient 2 Mobile:


(709) 489-9873

Name (patient 3):

Judy Marshall


Patient 3 Email:


Patient 3 Mobile:

(709) 486-9397

Name (employee 1):=

Rodney Ralph (Nurse Practitio=

Employee 1 Email:


Employee 1 Mobile:


Name (employee 2):

e Brown (Medical Aesthetician)

Employee 2 Email:


Employee 2 Mobile:



Name (supplier 1):

SCM (Zo SKin Health) Sarah Potter

Supplier 1 Email: =


Supplier 1 Mobile:


Name (supplier 2): =

erma – Julien Bellefleur

Supplier 2 Email: =


Supplier 2 Mobile:



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